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Wire Mesh Container-European standard container


Wire mesh containers, renowned for their collapsible design, offer a space-saving solution that proves invaluable when not in use, making them particularly advantageous for returning empty containers. The open wire mesh construction ensures visibility, facilitating efficient inventory checks, and promoting ventilation and cleanliness. These containers can be stacked 4-6 high when collapsed, optimizing storage space and streamlining logistics.

Featuring a standard half-hinged gate access, wire mesh containers provide easy retrieval of goods even when stacked, enhancing operational efficiency. With four-way entry points, these containers are user-friendly with lift trucks, simplifying loading and unloading tasks. Widely embraced across diverse industries, including agriculture, the wine industry, mechanical sectors, and PET preform manufacturing, wire mesh containers prove versatile and reliable for various applications. Whether transporting produce, storing wine bottles, handling mechanical components, or managing PET preforms, these containers stand out as a practical and adaptable solution for the dynamic needs of modern industrial settings.

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