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Two Sided Demountable Roll Pallet


Introducing the Palletower 2-Sided Demountable Roll Pallet, meticulously crafted with sturdy rod infill on both sides to ensure optimal durability. For added versatility, optional loose shelves and straps are available as extras, catering to specific storage needs. Renowned for its user-friendly design and spacesaving capabilities, these roll cages effortlessly dismantle when not in use, providing a seamless solution for efficient storage and transport.

Equipped with 125mm nylon castors as a standard feature, these roll pallets offer smooth maneuverability. For those seeking additional customization, extra options are available at an additional cost, allowing users to tailor the roll pallet to their unique requirements.

This innovative solution is not only easy to use but also highly practical, addressing the challenges of limited space and facilitating convenient storage. The Palletower 2-Sided Demountable Roll Pallet is in stock and ready for immediate dispatch, ensuring quick access to this reliable and adaptable solution for various material handling applications. Enhance your operational efficiency with a product designed for durability, ease of use, and customization to meet the diverse demands of your industry.

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