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Pallet Support Bars


Pallet Support Bars serve as a robust solution for reinforcing heavy palletized loads, accommodating nonstandard pallets, or providing support for weakened pallets within racking systems. Crafted from welded heavy-duty steel and featuring a pre galvanized finish, these bars offer a swift and easily adjustable option for ensuring secure pallet storage.

Available in two sizes - 900mm (l) and 1100mm (l) - these support bars cater to diverse storage needs. Loading capacities vary based on dimensions, and for specific details, please contact us directly. The top face of the bars sits 5mm above the top face of the beams to which they are applied, ensuring effective support.

To guarantee optimal performance, Pallet Support Bars must be capable of accepting potential point loads and should always be used in pairs. The maximum load per pair is 1000kg, making them a reliable choice for enhancing the stability and strength of your racking system. Invest in these bars for a quick, efficient, and durable solution to bolster your pallet storage infrastructure.