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Mezzanine Floor Racking


Mezzanine floors are designed to optimize the vertical space within a premises, effectively doubling or tripling the available surface area and facilitating the creation of additional storage space. Installing a mezzanine offers an ideal solution for maximizing space utilization by capitalizing on the building's height.

One notable feature of mezzanine floors is their complete dismountability and reusability. Their structure, dimensions, and placement can be easily modified to accommodate evolving spatial requirements.

Key Advantages:

  1. Increased Surface Space: Mezzanine floors significantly multiply the usable area in industrial settings.

  2. Customizable to Client Needs: With a wide range of sizes, floor types, and construction systems available, mezzanines can be tailored to meet specific client requirements.

  3. Efficient and Quick Assembly: Mezzanines are designed for rapid assembly, providing a swift solution to space optimization needs.

  4. Versatile Shelving Options: These floors can be seamlessly complemented with various shelving systems, enhancing their functionality for diverse storage needs.