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Cantilever Racking


Cantilever racking presents a versatile and robust storage solution catering to medium to extra heavy-duty needs. Featuring load-bearing arms securely anchored to steel columns, these racks prioritize unobstructed access to goods by leaving the front side free from structural elements.

Designed to excel in storing lengthy or irregularly shaped items such as furniture, lumber, tubes, fabric rolls, and pipes, cantilever racking comes in two main variations: roll formed and structural steel. These options accommodate a broad spectrum of applications, ranging from light duty to heavy duty.

Crafted with precision, this multilevel storage system ensures superior strength, stability, and safety. All components undergo a durable paint treatment, delivering a scratch-resistant finish and a polished, professional aesthetic.


  1. Impressive load capacities suitable for both standard and earthquake-resistant applications.

  2. Center column design maximizes horizontal space utilization, offering unlimited possibilities for storage purposes.

  3. Adjustable 2-inch vertical arm spacing enhances adaptability to various load sizes.

  4. Fully customizable to meet specific storage requirements.

Moreover, the extensive range of custom designs and available accessories from Mecalux empowers these cantilever rack systems to address even the most sizable storage demands. For added flexibility, modules can be mounted on mobile bases, increasing storage capacity without compromising direct access to each stored load.

To create a comprehensive and efficient storage solution, consider integrating cantilever racks with other storage systems such as pallet racks and light-duty pick shelves. This combination forms a well-rounded omni-channel solution, optimizing your storage space for diverse needs.